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Tennis Bot 

Team Project

  shows our CAD design that visually presents all of our components. 
Interactive 3D
Rotate — left-click and drag your mouse cursor.
Pan — right-click and drag your mouse cursor.
Zoom — scroll your mouse.

Our market research concludes that many tennis ball slingers exist in the market, but not many tennis ball collectors exist. The Tennibot is advertised as the world’s first tennis ball collection robot, which is expensive and costs about $950.00. Our robot will be offered for only a quarter of Tennibot’s price.

Mechanical Design, Manufacturing, and Assembly


3D printed ramp is integrated directly into the storage system, enabling tennis balls to slide up the ramp and enter the storage compartment when the collecting mechanism is activated.

Collecting Mechanism

Ball Caster Wheel

System Design

Functional diagram: major input and output components of the electrical circuit design.

System Design Summary:

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