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Aug 2021 - Dec 2022

Master's Thesis: Programmable Light - Driven Soft Actuator

As part of my Master's research, I've developed cost-effective nIR driven multilayered soft actuators with programmable features, utilizing  biocompatible silicone composite integrated with a graphite network and durable PI films. This project served as an exploratory effort aimed at identifying economical approaches and methodologies for manufacturing programmable multilayered soft actuators.

(Videos are played at x8 speed)


 Folding '7'

Folding 'U'

Crawling Motion

Soft actuators are capable of mimicking the crawling motion of worms, enabling them to perform self-walking. To enable the self-walking robot to move in one direction, the actuator was supplied with periodic nIR light irradiation pulses, and an uneven surface with asymmetrical ratchet structures was used facilitates the actuator's contraction and relaxation motions. During the contraction stage (when the light was ON), the rear leg slid forward, while the front leg was mostly prevented from sliding backward by the ratchet structure. 

( Video is played at x8 speed)


scale bar: 5mm

The curvature of the actuator can also be adjusted by the thickness of the PDMS layer and varying the distance of the nIR light exposure. Each frame depicts the superposition of images captured at different time points during the actuation process of different samples with varying PDMS thickness (a-f).

Rolling Motion

The multilayered soft actuator can also curl into a roll and achieve rolling motion when exposed to lateral infrared light. 

( Video is played at x8 speed)

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